Spiritual Retreats



With natural healing energies abundant, the Zuni Mountains have a long history of attracting spiritual seekers and today receive visitors world-wide. An ancient sacred site on the west side of El Morro Valley, Los Gigantes was once a ceremonial place for Native Tribes. Early explorers counted on the vital source of water at El Morro’s pool, and today many venues for healing exist. From cabins and campgrounds to several retreat centers, there are many opportunities for those seeking spiritual healing to visit. Here are a few options for local retreats:



Dreamwork Retreat at Dream Teacher and Out of BodyTravel Author John Stone’s Retreat Center. Featuring a BodySound, Sound Healing Chair, these twenty pristine acres sitting near the top of Oso Ridge are the perfect location for anyone interested in doing deep spiritual healing work. Whether you are seeking a vision quest or desire to learn more about dreamwork and sound healing, DreamSpace offers a premier setting.


Wolf Sanctuary


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