Spiritual Dreaming

spiritual-healing-chairOpening up the dream world through spiritual practice and sound healing can bring a dramatic shift to one’s life, ushering in a deeper sense of satisfaction and inspiration that can be experienced on a daily basis.

In a dreamwork session, I offer guidance in understanding dream metaphor and how to integrate dream experiences into our daily life. I blend the use of recent dream imagery, medicine animals, and intuitive guidance to help a dreamer more deeply connect with their own internal guidance.

A session may include: Dream analysis, card readings, vision quest prep and counsel, out of body travel instruction, and spiritual counsel. If you are local, a Sound Healing session in our BodySound chair is available. Sound Healing sessions can be deeply healing.

Approximate one hour (Sound Healing) session, $40 – Sliding Scale.

Approximate hour Dreamwork Session, $50 – Sliding Scale.

John Stone is available for:

  • Spiritual Readings
  • Medicine Walks
  • Dreamwork
  • Private Retreat
  • Vision Quest Support
  • Sound Healing Sessions

See Contact Page to Schedule. Skype Available for sessions world wide.