Sound Healing

spiritual-healing-chairUsed by ancient cultures of Greece, Egypt, and the Aborigines, the power of Sound Healing has been known for millennia. The Aboriginal Digeridoo itself has been used for 40,000 years. Finally making its return into the mainstream, modern day visionaries are now discovering new methods for delivering this ancient therapy. In its very basic and powerful form, many find healing by experiencing vibration through drumming, and music is able to deliver multiple and complex variations of healing frequency. White Eagle, as channeled by Grace Cooke says that angels are able to do emotional healing work to our spirit when we are listening to music—work that would otherwise be unable to be performed.

The sound healing chair makes use of both music and sound vibration. Bass frequencies are sent through a transducer to create vibration, while an electromagnetic field helps to align the chakras.

Many people are calmed by the chair’s experience and fall asleep or come very close to the edge of consciousness during a session. This relaxed state is where healing can begin. It is a common experience to see visions that might help one to understand present difficulties in their life, and the deeply relaxing after affects promote a greater sense of well-being.

Chair Healing Session – $40 sliding scale.

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