Primal Movement

Primal Movement as a Spiritual Practice

Primal movement is about reconnection. It is, in my opinion as far away from a fitness fad as possible and approached with the correct intention, can tend to some primal-movementdeeply spiritual needs. To the energy body, the root system is just as important as the higher centers and yet it is largely ignored by many seekers today. It is in our bodies that many of our pains, traumas and intensely powerful dark animalistic drives are found. For some, these sensations are so unbearable that we move away from it towards the promised salvation found in the “spirit” world. I can understand this impulse and it was because of my immense lack of grounding that I myself experienced at one point, that I eventually came to the realizations that my animal body needed as much love as my soul. Integrating the body into our path and realizing the connection between mind and body has many fruits for us. It is through reestablishing a firm connection with my primal patterns that my root system truly began to flourish.

Primal movements help lay down an important foundation for more etheric forms of spiritual work by strengthening our root system at its core. There are many exercises out there, too many to name and yet, there are primal movements that are literally a part of the human structure; movements like the flat footed squat.  I know many well-meaning spiritually evolved people who practice meditation, lucid dreaming, esoteric skills, magical practices and out of body experiences and yet they cannot squat comfortably or they suffer from chronic health conditions. This represents a deep and fundamental disconnect from our nature. Many spiritual practices performed today, come from times and places where the people were much more connected with their primal movement patterns.

In the past a Native American going on a vision quest (a common practice for many people today) spent his/her life squatting, kneeling, hunting, foraging and making tools.  These practices were created in a context that these practices are not practiced in today. People of the past were deeply connected to their animalistic nature and needed intensely destabilizing rituals to open them up to divine communion and then the very nature of their regular lives would help to ground their more etheric realizations into the daily reality they lived with. This is not so today. We are in pain, hunched over, weak, connected to our computers and lacking our animal vitality.

The stronger the root system is the stronger the tree is. It is about tapping into a movement heritage that spans eons of time. It goes way beyond the notion of moving like an animal or imitating the patters of other animals. It is easy to forget in today’s world but humans are animals and the patterns that we express naturally are pathway back to nature. We are not meant to be in pain and live with aches. The human body is designed to be resilient, strong and robust. Chronic health conditions are quite uncommon in tribal cultures and are much more present in civilized nations. It does not have to be complicated, my system Primal Recovery places a heavy emphasis on the movement patterns that we used as babies to explore the world and learn how to move in the first place. Many of these drills are not really manmade exercises they are our god given movements.

We use bodyweight training and the Steel Mace as our primary tools-


Classes range from – $ 40-60 an hour depending on what the person wants and needs.

Ramon can be reached through his website.