Art Gallery – Galleria Carnaval

Currently representing 30 local artists, Feather’s Galleria Carnaval hopes to be more than an art gallery. A healing space of expression, its proprietor has created a venue for seasoned artists as well as those just emerging and consigning their first pieces.

“There is something special about being vulnerable enough to place your art out there to be received. And then to have another person feel a connection to a piece—it’s very healing. The Carnaval is about more than just art,” Feather told me. “It’s a space for aspiring artists to share their work and develop community.”

Just another reason to consider visiting El Morro New Mexico (MM 46 on Hwy 53 south of Grants.) Galleria Carnaval is located just two miles east of the popular world travel destination, El Morro Monument. It’s also next door to the Old School Art Gallery and directly across the street from Ancient Way Café / Cabin Rental, and Inscription Rock Trading Post.

Open: Friday through Sunday